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A Message from Biochemist Greg Jardine


Many of you know me as "Biochemist Greg Jardine" and given that there are 98,700 hits on Google when this was written when these three words are searched, my quest for innovation with food has been well documented during the past 12 years.

What you won't read on the internet however, is that I began my scientific career as a synthetic organic chemist and developed pharmaceutical candidates for gall bladder study. I know what you are now thinking - "He comes from the dark side!" But credit where credit is due - since the development of aspirin in 1900, natural products have been a distant second to drugs in dealing with a whole range of ageing related conditions.

When you develop drugs and things don't go the way you want in the laboratory testing, then you modify them. A standard strategy is to modify the drug candidate by making the molecule more lipid (fat) soluble.

Most of us are familiar of this stategy with foods like tomato. The cooking of fresh tomato makes it 4 times more effective as the antioxodant lycopene becomes more fat- soluble & has better bioavailability in our bodies. Tomato paste is better for us than a freshly picked tomato.

So what is Dr Red's Modified Polyphenol Technology™ (MPT™). It is where we allow foods rich in water-soluble polyphenol antioxidants to be processed naturally whereby these antioxidants become more fat-soluble, hence more bioavailable. Essentially a gentle ageing process with antioxidant rich foods that deliver noticeable benefits.

Dr Red Nutraceuticals is going to cook up a storm with Modified Polyphenol Technology™ (MPT™). Processed food has received considerable bad press over recent years. Track "Biochemist Greg Jardine" on Google over the next 12 months and lets see whether MPTTM is the "storm in a teacup" we have all been waiting for.

Kindest Regards
Greg Jardine
Biochemist , Dr Red Nutraceuticals

Mobile: 0400 502 775
Email: greg@drred.com.au